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The Yoga Directory


Yoga classes, events and holidays

Use the Yoga Directory to publicise your yoga class, yoga event or yoga holiday - easily, flexibly and cheaply.

You can have as many entries as you need for multiple classes, events or holidays and you have access to them any time to edit and change their details - you just log in to your account and make the changes required.


The way it works is simple: you set up your entries so they look the way you want, then you buy vouchers to activate the entries for variable periods of 1 - 12 months duration (only "activated" entries are visible in the directory). We send you a reminder before an entry expires so you get plenty of notice to renew it, or you can just let it run its course and be removed from the directory when the entry expires.


You use an account on the site as your base for setting up entries in the directory. If you do not already have an account, you must buy a voucher for your proposed entry before you can set one up. (Once you have an account you can set up further entries before buying vouchers for them but for the first entry we ask you to buy the voucher up front).


By "adverts" we mean pictorial images and these are handled in a different way from class, event and holiday entries. You prepare a single image to display on the site rather than a textual description. Ads are served on a rotational basis and they appear in the left hand column of the home and directory pages. The pool of ads is generally quite small so you are guaranteed a lot of exposure. An advert like this is independent of any class, event or holiday entries you might also have on the site.



Steps to adding your entry to the directory


If this is your first entry

  1. Buy a voucher here for the kind of entry you wish to add.
  2. Sign up your new account here.
  3. Add the entry here.
  4. Activate the entry using your voucher.



If you already have an account

  1. Log in to your account here.
  2. Add the new entry here.
  3. Click the link underneath your new entry to purchase the relevant voucher.
  4. Activate the entry using your voucher.


When you have signed up your account you can add, edit or renew entries at any time and activate them using vouchers bought on the voucher page.



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